As we recover from the effects of yet another heatwave this Summer, we have found our minds escaping somewhere icy cold, to the frozen landscapes of the Niagara Peninsula; birthplace of this week’s ‘Something A Little Bit Different’…

That’s right, it’s our show-stopping Canadian ice wine, a rare and delicious treat that’s sure to add a stylish bit of class to any evening or menu.

As old as wine itself, ice wine is a longstanding indulgence enjoyed by the ancient Greeks as well as many other European cultures. While Germany is perhaps best known as the home of ‘Eiswein’, it is well understood that it was perfected by the winemakers of Canada, as its sales have soared considerably since they began to produce the stuff in the 1990s. To top it off, our winemaking friends in Canada are the very best of their ilk.

From the Peck Brothers at Henry of Pelham comes The Vidal Ice Wine.  Alongside tropical aromas dominated by pineapple and mango, the palate is tart and piquant but very rich, complex and persistent. Stunning with hard cheeses. Liquid gold in a bottle.

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