Helen ‘Fizzy Rascal’

Coming into the wine world from a career in nursing I’ve swapped health advice for wine advice and I’m keen to make sure that alcohol is consumed sensibly!  I’m the geek of the team and where before rare conditions would fascinate me, I’m now taken with how different soils and climates affect vineyards and all the intricacies of wine-making.

I’ve always enjoyed learning new things and since joining Wine Rascals, I’ve learned to spit without missing and hitting my shoes, passed wine exams and I drive a fork lift truck when the need arises! No two days are the same and I love sharing my love of wine with anyone who will listen!

  • Your guilty pleasure?  Margaritas
  • If you could name a new species of grape, what would you call it? Shartelm as it has all the letters of the staff of Wine rascals
  • When did you last break the rules? 5 minutes ago…