Nothing screams of sweet indulgence like Christmas, and we’ve got a wine that fits that requirement perfectly, while also offering a touch of Rascal to the festive celebrations at the same time.

Make this the year your customers try ice wine, and not just any at that, we’d recommend one coming all the way from Niagara, Canada – the best place in the world to get a bottle for decades.

Its makers at Henry of Pelham are some of the very best winemakers in Canada too, and one of only six wineries to be certified as sustainable in their region.

Their show-stopping ice wine is a rare and delicious treat that’s sure to add a stylish bit of class to any evening or menu.

The Vidal Ice Wine offers tropical aromas dominated by pineapple and mango, while the palate is tart and piquant but very rich, complex and persistent. Stunning with hard cheeses and the perfect ender for the big Christmas Meal. Liquid gold in a bottle.

Last order dates for Christmas: 20th Dec.

Order between 27th -29th for New Year.

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