Like a frantic parent awaiting their child’s arrival home after a party, we were worried sick for all of our producers in Champagne after hearing about unexpected hail storms affecting many farmers.

We spoke to a few of our Rascals in Champagne for an update on how they have been getting on.

“Until now we are lucky, around 1600 hectares in Champagne were touched by the hail storms but we haven’t been touched.”

-Jean Paul Morel (Verzy)

“Luckily for us however, we were not affect by the hailstorms or the heavy winds that came through the region.

Rather, our biggest worry is the heat and the rainstorms. Though the grapes have yet to suffer from either of these two things, the combination of both can possibly lead to rot, mildew, or odium.

We are resting vigilant and hope to avoid all and any of the problems listed above.”

-Forget Chemin (Valée de la Marne)

“Our area has not been affected so far by the hail, so our vineyard is still growing well with very nice healthy grapes.

Of course, there are still storms announced for the next days and we are all afraid with this strange weather.”

-Thierry Triolet (Côte de Sézanne)

“Only a small % of the champagne area (around 4%) has been affected by the hail storms so far… mainly in the Aube, Vitry, and some parts of Vallée de la Marne.
Hopefully we make it safely to the harvest, which is going to be in early September!”

-Alexander Penet (Verzy)

Phew! Much like the proverbial worried parent, we can rest easy…

We’re very relieved to hear these guys are doing alright.

At Wine Rascal HQ we do however send our very best wishes to everyone in Champagne who may have been affected.