Louisvale is situated at the foot of the majestic Stellenbosch mountains in verdant Devon Valley. Their lush, manicured vineyards produce outstanding wines, particularly Chardonnay for which they have won many awards.

Louisvale, one of the pioneers of Chardonnay in South Africa, is still solely planted to Chardonnay albeit different Davis clones.

The vineyards are all east-facing and planted in an east-west direction. The Bottelary Hill to the west offers welcome shade in the peak of summer when the sun sets behind it, allowing for slower ripening and richer fruit development. Deep, well-drained Hutton and Clovelly decomposed granite soils ensure that the vineyards remain ‘dryland’ until after the harvest, after which the vines are irrigated.

All Louisvale grapes are hand-harvested and the vineyard blocks are treated separately. Since 1994, the Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes have been sourced from the neighbouring vineyard, where the winemaker partners with the owner in managing the vines to Louisvale’s exact specifications. In doing so, he has ensured that the red wines have retained their Louisvale character.