The Signature story started in 1920; Fabien’s grandfather, Alphonse, produced his very first champagne from a parcel of vines in a cherry orchard. By the 1950s the orchard had been transformed into a vineyard and during the 1980s the Lecart family joined the Bousselets through marriage and so establishing the house we know today.

Fabien Lecart is an inventor at heart- variously described as a” magician”, the “ Willy Wonka of Champagnes” and sometimes “Q” in reference to his love of gadgets and gismos!

Modern facilities and an innovative hand drive Fabien towards making thrilling champagnes. The Signature Collection is unique. Every bottle is a glass sculpture – no two the same – and each one is an exceptional work of art, finished with two Swarovski crystals embedded in the label and cap.