Jean-Claude Mouzon

Champagne Jean-Claude Mouzon lies in the prestigious Grand Cru village of Verzenay. Four generations on, it’s now in the capable hands of Cédric and Frédérique Lahemade-Mouzon. That’s a lot of expertise, down the years, going into each and every bottle!

The Mouzon family is very proud of its traditions and use the lutte raisoneé ‘the reasoned struggle’ method of farming, meaning they farm as organically as possible and will only use chemicals to protect the vines when there is no alternative. Mouzon is Récoltant-Manipulants which means that champagnes they produce are made with grapes grown solely by them. They produce a full range of champagnes making the most of champagne traditions and the Verzenay terroir, poetically describing their pinot noir grapes as black gold and their chardonnay as diamonds!