Domenile Sahateni

" A single glass of wine can reveal more than a story; my winemaking history begins with the love of nature. When you nourish love, passion and respect for the vineyard, you are able to bring out the very best from the vines which will then be reflected in your glass." Winemaker Aurelia Visinescu

A scholar of the science of viticulture with a passion for new world innovation, the amazing Aurelia Visinescu and her predominantly female team at Domenil Sahateni represent everything that is wonderful about Romanian wine. There has been a huge surge in popularity for Romanian wines in the past year, due to their quality and price. With viticulture dating back more than 6,000 years, however, this should be no surprise. Domenil Sahateni combines New World and Old World techniques and produces small batches of wine, starting from 2,500 bottles to 20,000, depending on the harvests.

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