Domenile Sahateni

" A single glass of wine can reveal more than a story; my winemaking history begins with the love of nature. When you nourish love, passion and respect for the vineyard, you are able to bring out the very best from the vines which will then be reflected in your glass." Winemaker Aurelia Visinescu

Sahateni currently own 82ha of vines, concentrated around the winery, where they have invested in high performance technology and facilities to produce and age wine.

The vineyards are in the heart of Romania’s Dealu Mare wine region – renowned for its high quality grapes and wine production – on the hills surrounding the Carpathian mountains, benefitting from different types of soil from brownish to limestone clay.

The wine maker’s style combines new world and old world techniques and winery produces small batches of wine, starting from 2,500 bottles to 20,000 depending on the harvests.